Starring: Reyna St. Clair, Snow Mercy & Miss Elizabeth content courtesy of MommaSpankings.com

Reyna is in big trouble at school. Mom has been called in by Principal Snow to discuss this naughty girl's behavior. Mom is very shocked to learn that Reyna's report file is so big and she has been really misbehaving in school. Reyna thinks it's funny but that smile will soon be wiped off her face. Miss Snow explains how this kind of behavior is dealt with... and that is corporal punishment. It comes as no surprise that her mother is in full agreement. The Principal spanks Reyna in front of her mother and then has her mom spank her as well. How embarrassing! Both then give her 6 hard swats with the school's wooden punishment paddle before they head home. That evening, Reyna is summoned to the living room where her angry mom is waiting, hairbrush in hand and ready to continue the punishment. She knows the rule in this house: A spanking at school means a spanking at home. Mom wastes no time, removing Reyna's pajama bottoms, giving her daughter a hard wooden hairbrush spanking. After Reyna's bottom is sufficiently red, there is one more surprise; a mouth soaping to teach this naughty girl to use better language and not to be so rude to her teachers. Reyna drools and dribbles as the suds from the frothy soap bar do their job. By the end of this long day, she is one sad and sorry little girl.


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