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Please welcome back Clare Fonda (aka Jamie Foster) in one of her most delightfully sleazy roles yet... which she later admitted she loved role playing. This was also a personal first for Clare who received a particularly humiliating mouthsoaping punishment which ended in a flood of tears. Clare is on probation at a halfway House hostel but her sleazy behavior has not gone unnoticed by Hostel & Probation management. Miss Bernadette confronts a passed out Clare in her sparse room, having been reported to be up to her old tricks on the streets, giving sexual favors, drinking and flaunting all the house rules and conditions. Clare has no excuses, and is not even remorseful at first as Miss Bernadette scolds this slut and reminds her that this nasty behavior has consequences. She is spanked over her skanky jean shorts before these are pulled down and the embarrassing spankings continue. Miss Bernadette has a Compliance Discipline Strap which she intends to use but not before bearing Clare's bottom and ensuring her message starts to get through to this hapless hoe! She is bent over on the bed, with her cheeks exposed and vulnerable as the Hostel Manager straps the daylights out of this unrepentent slut. Clare's continuing poor attitude and backchat gets her into more trouble as she is taken to the bathroom for a mouthsoaping that she will not forget! This soaping has to be seen to be believed! Clare is made to take that sudsy slippery bar of soap into her mouth like one of the many cocks she has sucked for cash, or just because she can't help it! You will not have seen a thorough and humiliating soaping punishment as this which rounds off this special and unique film. Both Clare & Bernadette loved making this film with an obvious chemistry that shows in this unique film only these two could collaborate on.


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