Starring: Gena Townsend & Miss Elizabeth courtesy of MommaSpankings.com

Mom is shocked when she goes into her daughter's room to say goodnight only to find that there are only pillows under the covers but no daughter. She waits angrily in Gena's room so she will be there when the naughty girl comes back late into the night. Gena is surprised to see her mom in her room and tries to explain that there was a party she really wanted to go to. Mommy is beyond angry and takes her daughter over the lap for a very hard hand spanking, first over her dress and then quickly onto the deceitful daughter's bare bottom and backs of the thighs. After Gena's bottom and legs turn a shameful dark crimson, it is time for the bath brush. She tells Gena to go fetch it then mom swings the wooden bath brush hard as Gena squeals out loud in pain. A spanking is not her only punishment, mom also plans to wash all the lies out of Gena's mouth. Be prepared for one of the nastiest, meanest sudsy mouth soapings filmed to date on our sites. If Gena is going to lie to mom, then these lies need to be thoroughly scrubbed out!


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