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Christy had been allowed to accompany her father on a business trip to Las Vegas, a decision he would later regret! He had been contacted by Hotel Casino Security because she had been detained for causing so much mayhem at one of the tables after losing badly. His daughter was swearing and abusing staff and he was asked to intervene rather than the Police as he was such a good client. Her father was furious that she had put him in an awkward and embarrassing situation as he angrily marched her back to their suite which is is where we join them as he scolds and informs her that she will be spanked for this awful behavior. Christy is not too happy and during her spanking (over jeans, panties and on the bare bottom) she swears again. He is furious and tells her to fetch his leather belt. The bare bottom strapping she receives is swift, mean and hurts like heck but defiant Christy is far from finished and swears again. This is the final straw, as she is promised a mouthsoaping before bedtime that will leave her feeling embarrassed and humbled. It is a fitting finale to Christy's punishment and you will witness Christy's revulsion as those nasty soapy suds reach every part of her mouth, teeth and tongue... this is her first thorough mouthsoaping that she will not forget in a hurry.


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