Starring: Cara Day & Miss Bernadette content courtesy of MommaSpankings.com

In this custom spanking and mouth soaping film, Cara Day plays the perfect bratty daughter to Mommy Bernadette. First, Cara had said she was going upstairs to do her homework, and that was a lie. She was sprawled out on the bed playing with her video game console. She gets so wrapped up in her game that she ends up using foul language at it and mom walks past her bedroom and hears everything. She walks right in and confronts Cara. She is appalled at the language as well as the nasty lie that she had been told about "doing the homework." Cara knows there are consequences when she misbehaves as she gets punished but no amount of pleading or pouting will change Mom's decision. She is taken over Mommy's lap for a hard spanking; first with hand and then with the heavy wooden bathbrush. Both these punishments have Cara squirming and wriggling as she yelps out in pain but worse is to come! After her bottom is very red and sore, mommy takes her naughty girl into the bathroom for the final part of her punishment... a very sudsy mouth soaping. This is an intense soaping as poor Cara drools with her mouth wedged with a very sudsy soap bar, then she must look at her reflection in the mirror, feeling sad and helpless. She quickly learns not to use foul language or tell fibs with that dirty mouth!


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