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What a debut performance from Aria Lennox as the brattiest, foul mouthed daughter of Miss Elizabeth. Mommy calls her in for her continuing abysmal behavior but Aria refuses to accept any responsibility. Her attitude is appalling, peppered with foul expletives which only angers and disgusts her mother further. No time is wasted as Aria is spanked over mommy's lap, first over her jeans, then across her panties and bare bottom. But the foul language continues and the dreaded bathbrush is used with great force which has Aria in near tears, gritting her teeth as the hard wood really grabs her attention. However, mommy had promised a further punishment after her bath brushing... and that is going to be her first ever mouth soaping. Aria has no clue how mean this will be, but she soon experiences that a proper sudsy, soaping multiple times with continued scoldings and humiliation is a very effective method of correction. Aria finally learns her lesson but not after it leaves a nasty lingering taste in her mouth and a very sore, thobbing red bottom!


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