Starring: Anastasia St. Claire & John Osborne content courtesy of AAAspanking.com

Anastasia St. Claire makes her amazing debut performance with us. Anastasia has been a real nightmare and a horribly behaved brat to the babysitter while her parents are out for the evening. Hearing about the awful behavior, and with his wife in tears downstairs... Daddy finds Anastasia to confront her and give her a punishment she won't soon forget! He is so annoyed that Anastasia was rude and made life difficult for the babysitter, being old enough to know better. This film starts with her in the bathroom, over his lap as he is sitting on the edge of the tub. She is scolded and spanked with her tight leggings and in no time with her panties pulled down for a hard blistering hand spanking. Her magnificent bottom jiggles under the strength of his spanking but this punishment is far from over. Her potty mouth means that it is going to be cleaned out with lots of soap. The mouth soaping is an intense, super sudsy punishment that you need to see for yourselves. She is one very sorry young lady by the end of this evening's discipline and is sent to bed with a very sore bottom and a nasty taste in her mouth to remind her to stop swearing!


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