There's another form of punishment, often complimentary to more traditional forms of discipline that is nearly always used at home in a 'Domestic Discipline' setting. That is the tried and tested formula of a good old fashioned mouth soaping! This form of discipline is used for foul language or nasty disrespectful behavior to a maternal or paternal figure. Mouth soapings are also used in educational establishments or for a situation that requires additional discipline!

Traditional mouth soaping does not involve pain at all, unlike a tried and tested old fashioned spanking carried out with a hand, or various implements. The effective use
of a mouth soaping, often with a physical form of discipline, is very effective. A lot of us who have filmed and produced this content know from personal experience the lasting effects that a mouth soaping has. The feeling of shock, regret, helplessness... and the nasty yucky taste hones the senses. Imagine this in addition to the pain one might already be feeling from a spanking! In the films that you will see, we produce these from vast experience and know exactly how a naughty young lady will feel, as she holds the sudsy bar in her mouth, tasting the soap as she is scolded. It is utterly humiliating, embarrassing and often brings on other emotions. Be under no illusion, a mouth soaping is an emotional and unforgettable experience for anyone on the receiving end. Often used for foul language, it certainly makes a young lady think again!

The type of soap we use is important. Nothing is faked and we are aware that scented soaps or those used for extreme washing of clothing (such as carbolic soaps) should never be used. Why? Allergic reactions! Imagine that we film someone who then has a serious allergic reaction... that reaction is in the mouth, swallowing even a small amount of carbolic soap could also lead to a reaction that inhibits breathing. So with these considerations, if you yourself wish to carry out a mouth soaping, please use scent free, perfume free and soap that is as neutral as possible. Such brands as Dove (without the added creams) or the Simple brand (found in the UK) are what we would recommend, these bars are nearly always white. Soft, warm water is best for creating the best lather and getting the soapy suds as quickly as possible. It is important that the person carrying out the punishment has clean hands or uses protective gloves, After all, we may be punishing the girl with a mouth soaping but it is not fair to give them an unwanted infection! An expert mouth soaper will know exactly how much soap, the density of the suds and length of keeping the warmed bar in the mouth. Whilst all this is going on, scolding is often used with a reminder that further physical punishment could also be carried out. Rule of thumb is keep them on their toes!

With that in mind, we have produced some of the best spanking and mouth soaping films found anywhere on the internet. Our network has made many top selling movies as you will see. Most of these are carried out in a home setting by a maternal figure.

As we said earlier, there are certain reactions filmed, two come to mind.

Firstly: The disgust of the taste of the soap, it is certainly not pleasant. It may also induce a gagging reflex, a retching as some soap may get to the back of the throat. Rarely does anyone swallow soap, it won't be harmful but the gag reflex will ensure that not much, if any, suds would be ingested.

Secondly: The shame, humiliation and hopelessness one might feel brings an emotional release... and that is tears/ or crying. These are strong scenes which add to the drama of any film.


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